Good night sms like good morning sms also portrays wonderful greetings to greet people by wishing healthy night, having playful dreams by retaining a wonderful fading smile and drunken into nighty sleep.
History of Good Night SMS
Similar to morning sms the sweet good night sms are tracked down by its roots and matches with origin of emerging cultures. People used to greet others in the night by wishing them happy nighty feelings and promising them to meet in another delightful morning.
Good Night Greeting
Night has its own kernel of quietness and deep pondering. With the sun set and rising darkness the sun covered itself with charcoaled sheet and spread tiny glowing lanterns leading by a large pearl to revel that people cannot be trap with horrible dark shadows and our light will show them right path ever and forever. When this cold light touches the eye by screening through the window or ventilation in the room it creates it sends a message to the body now it is the time to relax and to enter in the dreaming world. The body then slowly contracts itself by adjusting and lying on the bed and travels to unconsciousness without concerning of surrounds. But the missing part here is we want to hear a voice by our loved ones and when their words sounds in the ear in form of good night our relaxations and satisfactions enhances and we move towards sleep without any worries.
Importance of Good Night SMS
When people come back from tireless work to home they seek a rest mode that shares their tiredness and pushes them towards world of happy dreaming where they body parts can take little rest from heavy works and take a sigh of relief. Sweet good night greetings give a sense of feeling to people that people do care for them and keep them remembering even in the darker night. It is a praying and blessing by people that shows that we are with you and never leave you even in the darker shades and create a barrier between horrible intruders that cause disturbance between your sleep and coziness.
Good night sms are playing a worthy role by realizing others that people can remain in touch even at busy shades of nights. Good night sms reveals that the stars are shining in the darker sky like pearls by reminding us that even in darker times our acquaintances are supporting us with intelligence, knowledge and wisdom and will remain stand with us in good stead.
Good Night SMS Hindi
Hind good night sms are getting popular day by day because Hindi words depicts the sense of feeling, care and pray more better than English wordings. Hindi words plays an important role in realizing that loved ones keep remember at the end of day and remind us by sending this text message that they always care for us even at night.
Good night sms is now become trend and following by every age group and every culture in every country yet becomes an essential task of the life without which people feel incomplete.
I'm sending a cushion of joyful thoughts to create superb dreams, a coverlet of care to comfort you all night & a prayer to protect until morning. GOOD NIGHT and have a tight sleep" such warm and tender messages will give your friends and mates a tight sleep. Wish them good night with lovely and cosy good night sms so that they can have a brilliant dream. All your companions would be impressed when they will receive such touching good night sms from your side. Wish them a wonderful night with the messages of your choice, have a wonderful night and good dreams.

Kisi ko apna banane ke liye to hajaro khoobiya bhi kam pad jati h but juda hone ke liye ek kami hi kafi hota's true

Munna: Ye Gandhi Bapu Har Note me Haste Kyu rehte he?
Carcuit:Simpal Bhai Royenge to note gili Ho jayegi na.

Engind mother-Good night dear.,Hindu mother-Shub raatri beta. Muslim mother-Shaba khair Apni Mother-Arre is mobile ko aag laga dugi.

In a bath room, a boy touches a girl everywhere!
You Know whose that boy?
Stupid It’s Lifeboy Soap!
Dirty people always tink dirty

A Big Goood Ni8 2 my Sweet loving sugar coated choco mallow milky shaky honey dipped cheez melting orange juicy pepperoni Friend.

Each N8 V Relief All Worries...
So Sleep Well...
Dnt Worry Abt Worries of 2mrw....
Gud n8...
Hav a niz drmz...

The sun has gone to bed,
The stars rule the skies.
May the gentle breeze of the nite whisper
sweet scripts to u and gently nudge ur eyes 2 sleep.
Gud nite and sweet dreams.

me aapne dil se kaha ke kyon itne
bechain ho to us ne kaha ke aapko
neend nahi aa rahi isiliye to ab aap so
jaao or mujhe bhi sone do!!!!

Lollu SMS are funny text messages written in Tamil to take a digg at your friends and tease them. Ungal nanbargalai kalaaikka sariyaana valzhi.
good night..,

59GuAK http:

"Be slow choosing a good persion &more slow while loosing them",
Because Responsibility is Not Opportunity,
it is a sweet "Responsibility",

Professor : Yevan oruvanaal oru
vishayatthai matravargaluku
puriya vaikka mudiyalaiyo avan
oru muttal…
Student : Puriyala sir.
Good night
SRI KANTH friends!

Nilavai Thalaikku
Iravai Porthi
Kanavu Kaanungal.
Anuppi Ezhupugiren Kaalaiyil.
Good nit hv a happy dreams...

Ek Pakshi Unch Udala,
Khup Unch Udala,
Khup Khup Unch Udala,
Aakashapalikde Unch Udala,
Agdi Disenasa Jhala,
Aata Jhop Udya Shodhu Tyala..........
Good Night

kaliyo ke khilne ke sath
ek pyare ehsas ke sath
ek naye viawas ke sath
apka din suru ho
ek mithi muskan ke sath.....
good morning..

The twinkle in ur eyes
made my day ,
Ur smile
made my week,
Ur laugh
made my month,
Ur sweetness
made my year
and ur frindship
made my life.
Gud nite.

sex whith to sone a and whith
da de va lia

jo khyal apke dil me hai wo hi khyal hamare dil me hai aaaarahi he nind ab hum to sone ja rahe hai

Kisi ka dard jab had se gujar jata Hai, nadi ka pani aankho me utar aata hai. Koi bana leta hai ret per ghar, kisi ka lahro me sab kuch bikhar jata hai

as u rise up to start a nu dy may the glory of God guide u and bring u tour blessings. gud morning.
manish saini

Gemini tv lo,
Etv lo,
Ma tv lo,
teja tv lo ,
tv9 lo ,
email lo,
fax lo ,
post lo,
newspaper lo,
cheppalani anukunnanu kani naaku antha time ledu so anduke sms lo chebuthunna..
'Good night' .......

Good Night SMSMessages